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Let's Change Our Mind


Alhamdulillah! Even though it's the time of epidemic, we all are still remaining healthy by the grace of Almighty Allah.So, we should express our gratefulness to Allah in every circumstance of life.By the way, I extend my thanksgiving to all from the bottom of my heart on the occaison of the new year 2021.People from all walks of life, irrespective of their ethnic identity or religious beliefs, warmly welcomed the new year.However, this new year reminds us that as days are passing by, we are loosing the golden days from our life in order to the rules of nature.But no one thinks about this matter.We should think about time and utilize it properly in order to becoming a successful person.If we follow the background of every victorious persons in the world then we can see that they didn't waste their time unnecessarily.Their life were full of troubles and they overcame all of the dangers by utilizing their time and thinking everything in a positive way.Discipline, regularity, orderliness, tidiness were maintained by them, which assisted them to achieve success.Not only above described contents but also their extraordinary talent was played an important role.The habit of reading books is their daily companion as well as hard working.There is no alternative without reading books in this knowledge_based world.So, you must have to keep moving on reading books for acquiring knowledge.The world has become so competitive, doing well for your bright future and moving forward with your career is more important now than ever.It does not matter what university you graduated from or what grades you had.Professional life will be very different from college.Be prepared to have a million questions pop up everyday regarding what you are doing.We should widen our mind, will to learn new things, pay attention to our work, and improve the power of thinking.Whatever you are thinking today will be converted into realism tomorrow.There are lots of problems involved in our life.These types of problems seem like puzzles.Those who will be able to overcome these puzzless then he will be a conqueror.We ought not to listen what other people say.Keeping continuously our work untill reaching our main target can show us a way that will assist us to reach our goal.Always remember one thing, if you success, you will be a follower and if you fail, you  can learn lots of things.So,By giving up your bad habits, get ready to start working from now on.InshaAllah you will find a good result in the future.May Allah fulfil our expectation.Ameen.

 writer : Sheikh Abdul Lotif

English Affairs Editor, the sunnah bd.com

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